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Welcome to my new and upcoming shop. Based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The decision has been made to start a shop to bring the zoomer community closer and facilitate you with everything zoomer related.

The never ending build

In the summer of July in 2019 I bought my first Honda Zoomer. I was excited to modify and customize my scooter to my own liking. I immediately  noticed all the parts where abroad. This encouraged me to get parts for me and the Customzoomer community. Two and a half years later there have been lots of upgrades along the way. From first stretching the bike to secondly spraying the whole frame and lowering the bike to the perfect height. See for your self!

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CZ 1 Year Anniversary

Finally I can say that we survived a year in this community. Did not expect anything less. With everyone putting their own style into their bikes and being able to come together to appreciate each others build is what it's all about.

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Local Builder Collab

I have started recruiting local builders for custom parts. I feel that this way we can make the Zoomer community a bigger scene here in Europe. I am currently collaborating with @BuildbyBoss for some parts he worked on. We wish to have a bigger crowd in the future and who knows we might have some ride-outs in the near future.

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Zoomer platform

For my upcoming plans I want to build a marketplace for all my local Custom Zoomer fans. On this platform you can sell all your new or used parts that you want to sell. This way we can help each other get parts for a lower price. I appreciate all the custom builders in the community and want you to have a platform to sell your products too. Please contact me for more information. 

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Welcome to my zoomer page based in Rotterdam. Where my mission is to build a platform for the zoomer community. I have selected several products to have in stock. Be aware I am just starting. I have lots of plans for this shop and all updates will be posted in this blogpost. Thank you for choosing your local shop.

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